About Us

Our company started with stone quarry and factory operation in natural stone sector in 1990.Since the beginning of 2000, we continue to progress with Project Implementation Activities from Domestic and Abroad. Our Natural Stone Projecting and Implementation activities are continuing at especially airports, hospitals, stadiums and public buildings.

In 2016, the operation of marble quarry operation was resumed in Corum province.

Our Mission

As one of the leading organizations in the sector, we have determined ourselves as a goal to have a share in the successful organizations and projects that are developing continuously in our fields of activity in the name of having a promise in the world future of our rapidly developing country.

It is our foremost principle to use the technology at the highest level in every design we take and to complete the projects we have undertaken successfully with our timely and meticulous workmates, depending on the specification program of the projects.

Our Vision

It is our basic principles to not compromise the quality of knowledge, organization ability, professional cadres in the sector. By creating differences, by providing permanent advantages and providing stability of success, trust and quality, we walk firmly in the future.